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A Replenishment pack for unused spillage kit

A Replenishment pack for unused spillage kit
Product Code: REPL-UN
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Price: £18.75

Replenishment pack for unused spillage kit

What's this product for ?

If you have a type HK Mercury Spillage Kit which has expired or is close to expiry (see date label on the back of the kit), and the kit has not been used, then you can extend its shelf life for a further 3-4 years by buying this REPLEN-UN pack.  This is a lower cost option than replacing the entire spillage kit.

What's in the pack ?

All of the components in the type HK Mercury Spillage Kit are inert and therefore have an indefinite shelf life, apart from the absorbent chemicals and the dust mask.  The REPLEN-UN pack therefore contains one bottle each of microfine sulphur and calcium hydroxide, a new dust mask, and a new expiry label.

How do I dispose of the old items ?

The old chemicals can be disposed of in their original containers as clinical waste or industrial waste for incineration.  The mask can be disposed of in general waste. As with the new chemical packs, keep out of reach of children.