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UN-Certified Containers for waste mercury

COSHH regulations say

Wherever mercury is used you must have the equipment to clear up a mercury spillage

Exposure Advice

Q. I have a broken thermometer, barometer, blood pressure gauge (sphygmomanometer) etc

A. For spillage cleanup and decontamination you need a Standard Mercury Spillage Kit

This is how to use it (pdf)

Other items to consider:

Mercury Vapour Proof Mask – for protection during cleanup

Mercury Indicator Powder – to check how effective your cleanup has been


Q. I have a broken compact fluorescent lamps (low energy bulbs) in the home or office

A. You need a Domestic Mercury Spillage kit or the Premium Version which includes a mercury vapour proof mask


Q. What should I do about the spillage while I wait for the spillage kit to arrive?

  • Prevent spreading of the debris and mercury by restricting access to the area
  • Increase ventilation in the area
  • Do NOT use a vacuum cleaner to clean up as you will contaminate it