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COSHH regulations say

Wherever mercury is used you must have the equipment to clear up a mercury spillage

For the Dental Team

Members of the dental team are exposed daily to mercury-rich dust and mercury vapour in the surgery, to varying extents depending on the efficiency of the equipment.  These products are designed to help dentists and their team measure, manage and minimise mercury exposure. 

The mercury spillage kit has been designed with your COSHH obligations in mind and complies fully with these requirements.  An annual mercury screening test by urine analysis is recommended for dentists by the British Dental Association, while the Resource CD includes valuable advice on assessing mercury exposure hazards in the surgery. Care Quality Comission Inspections are under way for dental practices and mercury spillage control measures are part of the CQC Outcomes.

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A Replenishment pack for unused spillage kit
Replenishment pack for unused spillage kit What's this product for ? If you have a type HK Mercury Spillage Kit which has expired or is close to expiry (see date label on the back of the kit), and the kit has not been used, then you can extend its shelf life for a further 3-4 years by buying this REPLEN-UN pack.  This is a lower cost option than replacing the entire spillage kit. Wha..
Amalgam Collection Kit
Amalgam Collection Kit All you need for quick, safe and easy collection, storage and disposal of mercury-rich waste in the dental surgery.  Use it to remove and collect amalgam waste from the suction trap and other sources.  The waste is stored under a mercury vapour suppressant solution in a shatter proof, leakproof 500ml container for disposal when full.  Supplied with a brush ..
Mercury Safety Resource CD
Mercury Safety Resource CD Intended for use in larger medical institutions and in the dental practice, the CD contains the following information: Instructions on how to use the standard mercury spillage kit Illustrated booklet showing full use instructions, with photos specifically for the dental team: PDF version of the book 'Mercury Hazards in Dentistry' PDF version of th..
Mercury Vapour Proof Mask
Mercury Vapour-Proof Mask Main features: Filters mercury vapour for 150 hours at 2x TLV limit - that's a month of daily use Mercury vapour filtration performance proven in independent testing Original design using established multi-layered activated carbon cloth Removes aerosols and particulates to 0.3 micron - categorised as FFP1 Also removes volatile organic vapours and unpleasa..
Tooth Storage and Disposal Container 1 litre with Mercury Vapour Suppressant
Many teeth extracted in the dental clinic have metal restorations which can be recycled for profit.  This container is designed for safe storage and disposal of extracted teeth, being shatterproof, leakproof and including a mercury vapour suppressant. ..
Urine Analysis Service - Professional
Urine analysis service Who needs this service ? The Dental Team The BDA advises that all members of the dental team who are exposed to mercury in the form of placing or removing dental amalgam fillings should be monitored annually for mercury exposure.  Urine analysis is far more sensitive than hair or blood analysis because it measures total body burden from all routes (inhalation, ..