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COSHH regulations say

Wherever mercury is used you must have the equipment to clear up a mercury spillage

Mercury Safety in the Home

Sources of mercury in the home
The most common source now are energy-saving light bulbs, also called compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).  These work in the same way as full size office-type fluorescent lamps; a small amount of mercury is vapourised by heaters at both end of the tube and lights up when current is applied.  The inner coating on the tube produces the white light.
When fluorescent lamps or CFLs are broken, the mercury they contain is released into the atmosphere, and this is potentially hazardous.  More mercury is released from the inner coating of the lamp.  Other sources of mercury in the home include clinical thermometers, barometers and antique mirrors.

What harm can mercury vapour do ?
Professionals who work with mercury (such as the dental team) take many precautions to avoid exposure.  Mercury in the body attacks mainly the nervous system, but has also been implicated in fertility problems, multiple sclerosis and general malaise. The World Health Organisation states that there is no safe lower limit for mercury exposure and so it makes perfect sense to minimise mercury release into the home atmosphere to prevent it being breathed in by family members.

How does the spillage kit work ?
If a lamp or other mercury source is broken, the debris is sprayed with a mercury vapour suppressant solution, supplied in the kit.  This contains a non-toxic agent which chemically binds to mercury, immediately preventing the release of harmful mercury vapour into the air.  The kit also contains gloves, handling equipment and disposal bags to clear up and safely remove the broken lamp.  There are full instructions to help you respond quickly to hazardous breakages in your home.  Keep it where you keep the spare bulbs.

What does the Deluxe kit contain ?

We have added a mercury vapour-proof mask to the deluxe kit, for customers wishing to take advantage of full self-protection against mercury vapour during the clean-up process.  The mask is reusable and should you need to replace your Domestic Mercury Spillage after use, you will only need to buy the base kit.