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COSHH regulations say

Wherever mercury is used you must have the equipment to clear up a mercury spillage

Oil and Gas Industry

Mercury originating deep underground is a natural contaminant of oil and natural gas.  In oil gas and petrochemical plants it can condense out and accumulate in liquid form causing embrittlement of metal components (with the risk of explosion) and presenting a toxic hazard to workers in these plants.

Workers on oil rigs and in refineries and other processing plants should regularly be tested for mercury exposure and should take steps to ensure they are protected from occupational exposure.

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Fluoro and CFL Cleanup Kit
What's in the kit ? The kit contains everything you need to manage breakages of mercury containing lamps in larger facilities such as warehouses, lamp distributors and transporters.  Each kit will deal with 3 breakage incidents.  It contains: 2 mercury vapour-proof masks to protect the operatives dealing with the breakage 3 pairs of nitrile gloves 3 x 125ml spray bottles..
Home and Office Mercury Spillage Kit
Home and Office Mercury Spillage Kit You can watch the instruction video on YouTube at Why should I worry about mercury in my workplace office and home ? The most common source now is energy-saving light bulbs, also called compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). These work in the same way as full size office-type fluorescent lamps; a small amount of mercury..
Mercury Magnet TM Spill Kit
Wouldn't it be simple if mercury were magnetic, then you could easily pick up a spillage with a magnet ? Well now you can, with the Mercury Magnet Spill Kit, using unique technology licensed from our US partners Omni Ajax in Philadelphia. How does it work ? The special metal powder amalgamates with mercury in the spillage area, clumping it while making it magnetic through its iron content..
Mercury Safety Resource CD
Mercury Safety Resource CD Intended for use in larger medical institutions and in the dental practice, the CD contains the following information: Instructions on how to use the standard mercury spillage kit Illustrated booklet showing full use instructions, with photos specifically for the dental team: PDF version of the book 'Mercury Hazards in Dentistry' PDF version of th..
Mercury Safety Station
"EVERYTHING YOU COULD POSSIBLY NEED, ALL IN ONE PLACE" Our flagship product; the Mercury Safety Station.  Designed in response to our customers' needs for a single-location comprehensive mercury hazard management product which covers all of the event scenarios likely to occur in premises where mercury is used or is a known contaminant.  The Mercury Safety Station replaces standard mer..
Mercury Spillage Kit - Upgrade
How would we improve our best-selling Mercury Spillage and Decontamination Kit ? By adding a mercury vapour-proof mask as standard.  This model contains all the components of the standard HK kit, but with a mercury vapour-proof mask to protect the wearer from mercury exposure and possible harm to their health while dealing with the spillage.  The mask, which is sold separately, is rat..
Mercury Vapour Proof Mask
Mercury Vapour-Proof Mask Main features: Filters mercury vapour for 150 hours at 2x TLV limit - that's a month of daily use Mercury vapour filtration performance proven in independent testing Original design using established multi-layered activated carbon cloth Removes aerosols and particulates to 0.3 micron - categorised as FFP1 Also removes volatile organic vapours and unpleasa..
Mercury Vapour Suppressant Spray 500ml
Harmful mercury vapour is released from mercury spillages, broken fluorescent lamps or from industrial work areas where mercury-rich dust can accumulate, such as in flat screen electronic recycling facilities.  Anywhere that mercury vapour release is a risk to health, this product will prevent mercury vapour from escaping into the atmosphere.  It does this by coating the source of the va..
Pb (Lead) Urine Analysis
Workers in the recycling industry who handle and dismantle electronic equipment are frequently exposed to lead fumes. Occupational lead exposure is hazardous to the health of these workers and people at risk should be monitored.  Urine assay of lead is the best method, as with mercury.  This sample kit contains a urine sampling bottle, full instructions and the analysis is pre-paid. ..
Urine Analysis Service - Professional
Urine analysis service Who needs this service ? The Dental Team The BDA advises that all members of the dental team who are exposed to mercury in the form of placing or removing dental amalgam fillings should be monitored annually for mercury exposure.  Urine analysis is far more sensitive than hair or blood analysis because it measures total body burden from all routes (inhalation, ..