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COSHH regulations say

Wherever mercury is used you must have the equipment to clear up a mercury spillage

Personal Protection

Mercury exposure can lead to serious health issues.  People who are exposed a in the course of their work must be provided with protection products and be monitored regularly to check these are effective.

Outside of work, mercury exposure concerns arising from environmental, dental or dietary sources can be assessed and often reassured using this product range.

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Mercury Vapour Proof Mask
Mercury Vapour-Proof Mask Main features: Filters mercury vapour for 150 hours at 2x TLV limit - that's a month of daily use Mercury vapour filtration performance proven in independent testing Original design using established multi-layered activated carbon cloth Removes aerosols and particulates to 0.3 micron - categorised as FFP1 Also removes volatile organic vapours and unpleasa..
Pb (Lead) Urine Analysis
Workers in the recycling industry who handle and dismantle electronic equipment are frequently exposed to lead fumes. Occupational lead exposure is hazardous to the health of these workers and people at risk should be monitored.  Urine assay of lead is the best method, as with mercury.  This sample kit contains a urine sampling bottle, full instructions and the analysis is pre-paid. ..
Urine Analysis Service - Professional
Urine analysis service Who needs this service ? The Dental Team The BDA advises that all members of the dental team who are exposed to mercury in the form of placing or removing dental amalgam fillings should be monitored annually for mercury exposure.  Urine analysis is far more sensitive than hair or blood analysis because it measures total body burden from all routes (inhalation, ..