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COSHH regulations say

Wherever mercury is used you must have the equipment to clear up a mercury spillage

Mercury Exposure Monitoring

People can be exposed to mercury in the work place or in the home.  These products allow mercury exposure to be easily measured using a urine test or atmospheric sampling method.

For workers in known risk areas such as industrial labs, oil and petrochemical workers, dental team members, recyling plants, antique restoration workshops and so on, regular monitoring of mercury exposure should be provided by employers to safeguard employees' health.

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Mercury Safety Resource CD
Mercury Safety Resource CD Intended for use in larger medical institutions and in the dental practice, the CD contains the following information: Instructions on how to use the standard mercury spillage kit Illustrated booklet showing full use instructions, with photos specifically for the dental team: PDF version of the book 'Mercury Hazards in Dentistry' PDF version of th..
Urine Analysis Service & Mercury Free Dentistry Report
Urine Analysis Service         Mercury effects from dental fillings (amalgams) What is the problem with amalgam ? Dental amalgam is made by mixing metal powders (silver, tin, copper and zinc) with mercury, which forms a paste as the metals dissolve in it, forming the amalgam.  The paste is then transferred to the tooth cavity, compressed to squeeze..
Urine Analysis Service - Professional
Urine analysis service Who needs this service ? The Dental Team The BDA advises that all members of the dental team who are exposed to mercury in the form of placing or removing dental amalgam fillings should be monitored annually for mercury exposure.  Urine analysis is far more sensitive than hair or blood analysis because it measures total body burden from all routes (inhalation, ..