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Mercury effects from fillings

What is the problem with amalgam ?
Dental amalgam is made by mixing metal powders (silver, tin, copper and zinc) with mercury, which forms a paste as the metals dissolve in it, forming the amalgam.  The paste is then transferred to the tooth cavity, compressed to squeeze out excess mercury, after which it sets hard.  But amalgam mixes vary between manufacturers.  The presence of different metal mixes in the mouth sets up small electric currents (much like biting on a piece of aluminium foil) which corrode the amalgam fillings, releasing mercury into the mouth. 

Not surprisingly, many patients complain of a metallic taste or a sensation similar to having an electric battery in the mouth.

There are a growing number of medical publications of cases of ill-health in which the illness has been linked to mercury release from fillings.  Most commonly cited are multiple sclerosis, nerve damage, reproductive problems, allergy and a general unexplained feeling of being unwell.

How do I know if I am affected ?
If any of the above applies to you, then a simple urine mercury test will show if mercury is being released into your body.  We do this test routinely for dentists and dental staff who are exposed to mercury every day; it is very sensitive and precise, detecting down to 2 parts per billion of mercury in urine.

How does the test work ?
This is a simple 3-step process, the same as we provide for our dental professional customers:

  • we send you a sample pack with full instructions
  • you produce the urine sample then mail it back to us in the mailing box
  • we analyse the sample and send you the comprehensive report within 7-10 days

The report gives you the numerical result for mercury concentration in your urine, and provides an easy to follow guide to its interpretation.  If the results are high, then you know you should follow up with a dental professional to consider replacing your amalgam fillings.

We use an analytical laboratory which is accredited by the UK Health and Safety Executive, giving you full assurance of the quality of the analysis.  The method used is atomic absorption spectroscopy, the most sensitive method possible for analysis of mercury in urine.

What else can I do about mercury from fillings?
Mercury acts as a poison by attacking proteins in the body.  Because our nervous system is the most delicate of the organs of the body, this is usually the first to show signs of damage after prolonged exposure to mercury.  The mechanism of action involves oxidation, much as radiation will attack body tissues.  For this reason, antioxidant vitamins and minerals have a part to play in protecting against mercury exposure.  For people who want to maximise their personal protection prior to replacing fillings, we have sourced a vitamin and mineral supplement specially designed for this.  The one-a-day tablets contain vitamins A, C and E at a safe dose, plus 200mcg of selenium, which is an essential mineral used by the body in the detoxifying of mercury.  At just £12.95 for one month’s supply, this is a useful precaution in topping up the body’s reserves of its defensive nutrients.