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Pb (Lead) Urine Analysis

Pb (Lead) Urine Analysis
Product Code: UAPB
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Workers in the recycling industry who handle and dismantle electronic equipment are frequently exposed to lead fumes. Occupational lead exposure is hazardous to the health of these workers and people at risk should be monitored.  Urine assay of lead is the best method, as with mercury.  This sample kit contains a urine sampling bottle, full instructions and the analysis is pre-paid.  Simply produce the sample and mail back to us; a report will be mailed or emailed within 7 to 10 days.  If a high value is found then measures can be taken to avoid continued exposure and we can advise on this.

HSE (Health and Safety Executive in UK) and COSHH guidelines recommend monitoring of all employees at risk of occupational expsoure to hazardous substances.