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Mercury Vapour Proof Mask

Mercury Vapour Proof Mask
Product Code: MASK
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Price: £29.75

Mercury Vapour-Proof Mask

Main features:

  • Filters mercury vapour for 150 hours at 2x TLV limit - that's a month of daily use
  • Mercury vapour filtration performance proven in independent testing
  • Original design using established multi-layered activated carbon cloth
  • Removes aerosols and particulates to 0.3 micron - categorised as FFP1
  • Also removes volatile organic vapours and unpleasant smells 

Who should consider buying this product ?

Dental, medical and industrial workers who are exposed to an atmosphere contaminated with mercury vapour or mercury-rich dust.  Examples are dental staff during amalgam restoration (filling) placement or removal; practice managers in dental or medical clinics while dealing with a mercury spillage; workers in biomedical workshops in hospitals and clinics; workers in industrial facilities where mercury-containing apparatus or ingredients are used (such as oil drilling platforms where mercury pressure guages are used; workers in lamp processing or handling facilities or recycling centres.

What are the advantages of this product ?

The mask has been designed with comfort in mind.  Unlike full-face respirators which are cumbersome and limit vision, this cloth-construction mask provides a tight fit around the mouth and nose and is rated to filter mercury vapour for a full 150 hours (that's a working month) at 2x the Time Limited Value for mercury exposure set down by the World Health Organisation.  It is fitted with an exhalation valve to reduce condensation.

How does it work ?

The mask is constructed of multiple layers of fabric impregnated with activated charcoal, which is the mercury vapour absorbent.  Inhaled air is drwn through the filter layers, removing the hazardous mercury vapour, while exhaled air exits via the valve, to prevent condensation which would shorten the life of the mask.  After use, allow the mask to dry naturally for use the following day.  Dentists often wear a paper mask over this product in order to prevent potential cross-infection risk.