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COSHH regulations say

Wherever mercury is used you must have the equipment to clear up a mercury spillage

Mercury Spillage Kit

Mercury Spillage Kit
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Mercury Spillage Kit

Our most popular product is the hospital-pattern mercury spillage kit, which was co-developed with the Pharmacy Department, University Hospital, Nottingham. It is designed to cope with mercury spillages on any surface - flooring, carpet or bedding - thanks to the patented alloy wool adsorbent, which is exclusive to our product.

You can watch the instruction video on YouTube at

The main features of the kit are:

  •     Uses COSHH-recommended system for dealing with spillages
  •     Kit can be used to deal with up to five spillages before requiring spares
  •     Decontamination procedure helps eliminate effects of 'old' spillages
  •     High technical specification at low cost
  •     Full technical back-up and replacement parts service
  •     Contains all you need to deal quickly and easily with mercury spillages, with full, easy to read instructions
  •     Supplied in a strong, conspicuous case for easy identification in an emergency
  •     Kit can be customised to your own requirements
  •     Long shelf life - 3.5years, after which spares or replenishment packs are available; you don't have to buy another full kit
  •     Safe storage of waste mercury for disposal
  •     For full compliance with CQC (Care Quality Commission) outcomes in UK and Health and Safety Executive inspections