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Mercury Indicator Powder

Mercury Indicator Powder
Product Code: MIP
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At last, an easy way to check if surfaces are contaminated with mercury.  This highly specific mercury indicator powder reacts with mercury vapour to give a dark colour.  Sprinkle it onto any surface and leave 24 hours, then compare the result with fresh powder.  Full instructions and a guide to interpreting the results are supplied with the pack.

A darkened appearance shows the surface is contaminated with mercury and needs cleaning using mercury decontamination reagents, as supplied in our Mercury Spillage and Decontamination Kit, item HK available from this site.  A contaminated surface will gradually release mercury vapour over time, and this is a health hazard to workers in that area.  After use, simply clean away powder with a damp paper towel.

Suitable for use anywhere mercury contamination is suspected, such as the floors and work surfaces in the dental surgery or office, laboratory or workshop.  Ideal for use in old buildings for redevelopment or demolition.

Supplied in a sprinkler pack containg 85g of mercury indicator powder; enough for up to 20 test areas.