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COSHH regulations say

Wherever mercury is used you must have the equipment to clear up a mercury spillage

Mercury Spillage Kit - Upgrade

Mercury Spillage Kit - Upgrade
Mercury Spillage Kit - Upgrade
Product Code: HK-UPG
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Price: £54.00

How would we improve our best-selling Mercury Spillage and Decontamination Kit ?

By adding a mercury vapour-proof mask as standard.  This model contains all the components of the standard HK kit, but with a mercury vapour-proof mask to protect the wearer from mercury exposure and possible harm to their health while dealing with the spillage.  The mask, which is sold separately, is rated for 150 hours at twice the TLV for mercury; that's about a month of continual use if necessary.  It also filters out unpleasant odours and organic vapours and mists.

What's in the kit ?

It contains everything you need to deal with 3 or 4 mercury spillages:

  • Absorbent alloy wool, to lift mercury from fabric surfaces
  • COSHH-recommended chemical absorbents, to be mixed together to form an absorbent paste for hard surfaces such as floors
  • Syringe, Brush and Scoop to handle the bulk of the spillage
  • 250ml shatterproof, leakproof waste bottle
  • 2 pairs of vinyl gloves
  • Full instructions
  • Supplied in a durable red plastic box for easy identification

Does the kit have a shelf life and what can I do with an expired kit ?

These kits have a shelf life of over 3 years.  At the end of this period, the chemical packs in unused kits can be renewed and so the spillage kit will be good for another 3+ years.  Used kits can be replenished too.  simply refer to the accessory pages on this site.

Who should buy this spillage kit ?

Any premises where mercury-containing devices are being used should also have the means of cleaning up a mercury spillage.  In practice, these kits are bought by GPs, dentists, medical clinics, hospitals, industrial laboratories, conservation and auction workshops, schools and colleges.

Where our basic HK mercury spillage kit will ensure your premises meet legal requirements for dealing with spillages, the added mercury vapour-proof mask gives the reassurance that your staff have additional protection while they use the kit.