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Mercury Vapour Suppressant Spray 500ml

Mercury Vapour Suppressant Spray 500ml
Mercury Vapour Suppressant Spray 500ml
Product Code: Mercury Vapour Suppressant Spray
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Harmful mercury vapour is released from mercury spillages, broken fluorescent lamps or from industrial work areas where mercury-rich dust can accumulate, such as in flat screen electronic recycling facilities.  Anywhere that mercury vapour release is a risk to health, this product will prevent mercury vapour from escaping into the atmosphere.  It does this by coating the source of the vapour in a reactive solution which forms a pseudo-amalgam with the mercury, trapping it to prevent vapourisation.  This product can be used as an add-on to our mercury spillage kits and could be used as a first response measure before the spillage kit is deployed.  With a sehlf life of 2 years, the Mercury Vapour Suppressant Spray offers a convenient and low-cost alternative to other similar products on the market.