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Fluoro and CFL Cleanup Kit

Fluoro and CFL Cleanup Kit
Fluoro and CFL Cleanup Kit
Product Code: CFL IND
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Price: £64.00

What's in the kit ?

The kit contains everything you need to manage breakages of mercury containing lamps in larger facilities such as warehouses, lamp distributors and transporters.  Each kit will deal with 3 breakage incidents.  It contains:

A mercury vapour-proof mask to protect the operatives dealing with the breakage

3 pairs of nitrile gloves

3 x 125ml spray bottles containing mercury vapour suppressant solution

3 extra heavy duty grip top bags for containment and safe disposal of mercury-rich waste

Brush, scoop and full instructions

How does it work ?

The mercury suppressant spray active ingredient is a sulphur-based reagent which binds chemically with mercury and prevents its release into the atmosphere.  The 'neutralised' mercury-rich waste can then be safely transferred to the leakproof waste bags for storage and disposal.

Who should buy it ?

We designed this product with the help of a leading UK lamp distributor for use in a lighting warehouse.  It is designed for facilites which store and distribute lighting units containing mercury, such as low-energy bulbs, industrial lighting and fluorescent lamp tubes.